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Promotonal Products

I-PC        Post Card         8"x4"

I-GC  Greeting Card  5.5" x 4.25"

I-MP1 Mouse Pad   8.5" x 7.5"

I-PP Pocket Planner 3.5" x 6"

I-JB Journal Book 6.75" x 9"

Post Card, Greeting Card, Mouse Pad, Pocket Planner Pricing

  100 250 500 1000 2500  
I-PC ----- $0.85 $0.52 $0.35 $0.21 2CDE
I-GC $2.48 $1.75 $1.17 $0.63 $0.40 3CDE
I-MP1 $400 $3.52 $3.33 $2.62 $1.99 3CDE
I-PP $2.52 $2.07 $1.83 $1.49 $1.20 3CDE

Journal Book Pricing

  150 250 500 1000 2500  
I-JB / I-JBC $2.95 $2.47 $2.08 $1.77 $1.49 3CDE

Additional Images: There are over 50 images available in our library.  Pricing will vary depending upon image. In addition, you can have us modify one of your images. However, we need to review the image and work with you to produce the best possible result.  The estimated cost is $65-$325 depending upon complexity.  We will be have to quote.
You can have both first and last names included.  The first name is used most often because it looks better and is more personal.
In the Image Personalization / Full Color Ad / PDF Proof
Addressing and Mailing: We can address each product for mailing by imprinting the product or printing envelopes or labels to go with each personalized product for an additional charge. The charge should not exceed $.15 per product(less for large orders). We can adress and MAIL for an addtional charge.  Post cards are very economical. The customer just furnishes the excel spreadsheet and we do the rest.
Special Dates on Pads
$100 Setup plus $1 per date (X). Submit to our specifications.
Start any Month: $100 (X) Extra
                                          SETUP: $65 (X)  (APPLIES TO ALL IN THE IMAGE PRODUCTS)

Proper Excel Spread Sheet Formatting- Only 1 per order

First_Name Last_Name Company Address_1 Address_2 City  St Zip
John Smith Widget Inc 101 Main St Suite 2 Atlanta GA 30986
Please read Special Information & Digital Art Information