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Contractor's  Calendars
* Contractor's

CASE HISTORY: Independent contractors anticipate receiving the annual contractors' calendar from a national brick supplier. The company's yellow and black color scheme creates a calendar that is used daily to schedule jobs, figure days remaining and plan future activities.

Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
* Year-at-a-glance 

CASE HISTORY: This popular calendar has advertised just about everything -- fire trucks, trains, eggs, milk, teachers, nurses, steel, rubber, farmers, laboratories, refrigeration, insurance, power appliances, paper and oil.

* Jumbo U.S. Map 

CASE HISTORY: Each year offices around the world receive their international company's world map calendar with each office and manufacturing plant identified.

Jumbo US Map calendars * Desk Pad Calendar 

CASE HISTORY: So customers would identify Brand X heat pumps with him, a heating and air conditioning dealer used Brand X's logo and heat pump drawings down the side of a jumbo desk planner. Brand X helped pay for the calendars as part of a co-op advertising program.

Custom Desk Pad Calendars
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