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Almanac Calendars * Farmers Almanac

CASE HISTORY: The weather predictions, fishing guides and planning information make almanacs a natural advertising piece for garden centers, feed and seed stores, and hardware stores. Nostalgia makes them popular with antique and "country" restaurants and stores.

Nature's Beauty Calendar * Nature's Beauty 

CASE HISTORY: Fierce competition for quality employees prompted a temporary agency to hand deliver calendars to all its' existing and potential employers. The beautiful American scenes on the calendar made it perfect for hanging in the office where their name and phone number would always be seen.

Safety Sam Calendar * Safety Tips for the Home

CASE HISTORY: A small manufacturing company uses a humorous safety calendar featuring their shift schedules as a gift to their employees. The employees are reminded every day that the company cares about their safety at home as well as at work.

Military Aircraft Calendar * Military Aircraft 

CASE HISTORY: A general aviation company gives an aircraft calendar to its' customers at the end of the year as a "thank you" gift. Ideal for aviation clubs, bomber groups or other vererans groups.

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