AmerICan Calendar Company
Proudly Made in America for
138 years


* Be a limited edition * Make you hungry * Show product operation
* Communicate with a glance * Establish personal contact
American Calendar offers more custom calendar options
than anyone at low minimums and economical prices.

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Custom Color Calendars * One picture
* Three sizes available
* 100 calendars for as low as $277

CASE HISTORY: An annual custom calendar can be a vital part of a total advertising campaign. By receiving a calendar featuring full color photographs of the staff of a physicians group, HMO customers become familiar with the staff and feel at ease seeing a new doctor.

Four Panel Calendar
* One picture
* Three full calendars in one

CASE HISTORY: A calendar's function should match the recipient's need. A shipping company mailed a four-panel calendar featuring a color picture of their ship to all their customers. The white center panel for the current month and gray panels for past and future months made it perfect for scheduling shipments.

* 12 pictures
* Different Sizes Available

CASE HISTORY: A casion just remodeled it game room. They wanted to let people know about their enhance gaming facilites.  Also, the pad was printed with all the special promotions and events for the entire year.

*12 or more different posters
* New Design!!!

CASE HISTORY: A major manufacturing employer, in conjunction with the local TV station and newspaper, sponsors an annual "Drug Awareness" poster contest for school age children. Children create original art for judging by a committee comprised of a local artist, a politician, and a manufacturing executive.

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